French Drains

How to check if your French Drains are working properly?

Heavy rains can cause a lot of damage if the gutter system of your house is not working properly. But how do you check if it is working properly or not? When it rains heavily, you have to assume everything is fine with the gutter system if no water is flowing over them. But is it always so? It might be that the gutters are working fine and all the water is getting drained off or it might be that the water is getting collected in an underground French drain. If this is the case then the foundations of your house will at a great risk as the water will not get diverted from them and this is not at all desirable. But is it possible to repair the French Drains in case they are not working fine? Sure it is, and here we are going to discuss some methods for the same.

When it rains, the water is meant to flow from the roof and go into the French Drains by passing through the rain gutters. These French Drains are meant to take the water away from the foundations of the house for safety reasons. If this system fails, and the water is not taken away from the foundations, then it can lead to major financial losses for the repair of the basement and foundation.

What many people do not realize is that these French Drains can get as easily clogged as the gutters and this can lead to severe damage to your home. The drains can get clogged by the leaves and other debris which flows with the water and this can prevent the water from getting drained properly. If the drainage system once gets clogged, there is no alternative but it will have to be reinstalled right from the scratch. This can be very expensive, in addition to the expenses which will be incurred due to the damage caused to the foundations of your home.

This situation can be avoided if regular maintenance is done. The methods to be followed for this maintenance are not just cheap, but they can also help you save a lot more by keeping your French Drains in the best shape.

Here we have listed some simple and effective methods for the preventive maintenance of your French Drains.

  1. Always check the drains for any possible clogging every time after the rains and remove these clogs if anything is found.
  2. A high pressure jet spray done on regular intervals can help keep your drains clean and free of any clogging at all times.
  3. If the clogging found is heavy and you think that it cannot be handles by you alone, then it is advisable to seek professional help. There are many companies which specialize in such work. You can hire any good professional and they will take care of all such work for you.

These are some of the simple methods which will help you keep the French Drains in the best shape possible and will save lots of money for you in the long run.


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