If you happen to own any type of property, one thing which should really concern you is soil erosion. Strong rains can always wash off the topmost layer of soil with them. This layer is the most fertile part of soil and hence its removal can adversely affect the maintenance of your yard. This can be a real headache if you want to keep your yard beautiful, as heavy rains can also wash off the grass and small plants which can create a real mess. This will not just affect the appearance of your yard but can also be hazardous considering the uneven surface which the washed off plants will leave behind. This necessitates the need to stop soil erosion and one very useful method to effectively control soil erosion is landscaping.

One of the oldest and most effective ways to control soil erosion is using retaining walls. These are simply stone walls of appropriate height which prevent the soil from getting washed away by keeping it where it needs to be. Retaining walls are the most effective in controlling erosion of the sloped areas. Such areas are at a higher risk of soil erosion due to their shape and location and retaining walls can prove to be highly effective for controlling the soil erosion in such cases. Retaining walls are quite affordable and also pretty easy to be installed.

Another option which can be quite effective for controlling soil erosion is installing dry creek beds. These give the water an alternate path to flow and hence prevent the soil to be eroded along with it. Another benefit is that these look quite beautiful when they are dry. The designs in which these can be arranged are quite amazing. These work as a drainage system for the water and prevent the soil from being washed away. The only thing with dry creek beds is that proper landscaping training would be required to do a good job with this. It is advisable to seek professional help.

There is another option which can help you prevent the erosion of the top layer of the soil. This method is called mulching. Mulch basically acts as a barrier which prevents the erosion of soil. Though this method is not very effective and cannot control all erosion, but it is quite effective especially in the case of wind erosion. The wind affects only the mulch and hence the soil underneath is protected and does not get eroded.

Another very simple method which helps in protection from soil erosion is planting certain plants on that area. The roots of the plants prevent the soil from being washed off and hence prevent erosion. Though this method is quite effective and cheap but overgrowing such plants can also affect the growth of other plants in the area and this can be a problem in some cases. So it would be advisable to do a little research about the plants which are suitable for this purpose and use them. This can be the best method for soil erosion prevention.


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